KDX Presents its Black Technologies and Three Highlights at CES

On January 9~12, 2018, the world's most influential consumer electronics event CES will be held in Las Vegas, USA. CES 2018 expected to display the world' cutting-edge technology products, would gather over 3900 companies and attract over 170,000 visitors over the world. The world's emerging smart display technology leader KDX will set up a 230-m2 booth (No.: 35205) for the display of its latest black technologies in the south No. 4 hall at CES 2018.At CES 2018, KDX will officially release its "3D+" strategy, launch its Simulated Reality (SR) technology mixed with its glasses-free 3D display technology, environment space perception technology, man-machine interactive integration and artificial intelligence (AI), and display its new retail and commerce solutions integrated with emerging display and AI technologies, giving the global consumers a full-drills technology show. The world's frontier technologies like MR, VR and AR are on the rise. KDX's new upgrades to such technologies will give blockbuster news in CES 2018 and deliver an incomparable show to the global consumers. What highlights will KDX give at this CES? Will its black technologies influence our lives greatly? Let's have a look first.Highlight 1: How does its SR technology upgrades AR/VR/MR?IPhone X applies 3D modeling Face ID in its new launch iPhone X, Google launches Tango modeling and AR Core, and Sumsung releases glasses-free 3D laptops based on KDX's 3D display technology. As shown in the actions by the global technology giants above, the age of full human image and video 3D application is coming, and the AR/VR/MR industry will flame up. The content of these frontier technologies is displayed in format of 3D, so 3D display becomes the core technology to create scenarios like mixed reality (MR).What is MR? As said in story Chuang Chou Dreaming a Butterfly, Chuang Chou dreams he becomes a vivid butterfly and knows that he is just Chuang

Samsung Laptop "Pupil 3D" Goes on Sale in JD and Suning KDX's Glasses-free 3D Raises a Storm of Vision Evolution

November 1, Samsung laptop "Pupil 3D", the world's first Glasses-free  3D laptop, was officially launched in JD and Suning and received warm market response. As an innovative product, more than 4400 “Pupil 3D” laptops have currently been booked, which is praised as the one "to the start button of the 3D display era".Pupil 3D's Perfect 3D Effect With inherited craftsman quality, Samsung "Pupil 3D" is equipped with Core G7 I5 CPU, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, as well as 940MX 2GB discrete graphics. The biggest highlight of this product is its screen made by the world's advanced G3 Glasses-free 3D technology from KDX, which allows the consumers to freely switch between 2D working interface and 3D entertainment scene. With the help of over thousand of Glasses-free 3D core patented technologies, the global Glasses-free 3D leader KDX delivers light, thin, transparent products that give good brightness, high definition, perfect imaging quality and user experience and shows the real life details based on full HD FHD display screen with a wide viewing angle and a high color reduction degree. The camera tracking system renders 3D effects everywhere and makes the consumers strongly immersed whether playing games or watching movies. Excellent 3D technology also needs support from massive and high quality 3D content. "Pupil 3D" comes with "3D Dongdong Player" which can provide tens of thousands of movies, documentaries, MTV, pictures, games and other 3D contents and allow the consumers to enjoy the shocking experience of 3D content freely and comfortably. "Pupil 3D" integrates striking 3D display and good computer configuration and has unique characteristics that obviously distinguish from other laptops, giving the consumers different experience and breaking the previous dimension of laptop competition, which has become the biggest highlight in the market. At present, competition

The First Glasses-free 3D City Micro Movie Jointly Created by KDX Won Awards at Canada Golden Maple Film Festival

Recently, the Canada Golden Maple Film Festival came to an end, the micro movie "Hear Your Voice" jointly created by KDX Group and Zhangjiagang TV Station stood out from the 31 works and won the award of Outstanding 3D Short Film, becoming the only award-winning city image micro movie in the film festival.                                                Micro Movie "Hear Your Voice" Canada Golden Maple Film Festival, jointly launched by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China and the three level governments (federal, provincial and municipal) of Canada, is an international platform for the exchange and promotion of Chinese and Western film cultures. A total of 513 theatrical movies, online movies, micro movies, creative movies and documentaries all around the world participated in the competition in this event. However, only 89 films were listed and 53 films were awarded. "Hear Your Voice", with the story line of a Beijing girl looking for love, expresses the love for Zhangjiagang City from the voice she heard throughout the city in a third-person perspective. KDX 3D Content Production Center offers a full set of 3D movie production solutions and is involved in screenwriting, sub-script, filming, post-production and special effects production for the whole movie. With the technical support of the world's most advanced 3D camera equipment, "Hear Your Voice" is the first movie that is made with 6 different models of 3D machines, 3D horizontal and vertical support, UAVs and other professional photography equipment. Finally, it conquered the judges and won this international award by virtue of delicate and charming emotion expression mode and vivid 3D expression technique. Site of Award Ceremony Trophy This award show

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KDX has established a cross-regional polymer industrial platform across the entire industry chain, with products covering display materials, high-precision coating, thermal insulation and protective materials, decorative materials, extrusion materials, flexible materials, sputtering, resin manufacturing and laminating materials. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.

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Relying on its leading technology and strong capability of industrialization in the field of optimal film, KDX takes intelligent display as its major business. Making use of cutting-edge technologies such as depth perception, sensory perception and space interaction, KDX has extended its applications to create more complete human-machine interaction solutions and 3D simulated reality experiences, and develop a 3D industrial chain from 3D display, 3D content to SR experience. Based on its world-leading large screen touch technology, KDX offers total large screen touch solutions featuring high precision, high sensitivity, and ultra-low resistance.

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In addition to in-depth cooperation with top-notch research institutions both at home and abroad, KDX has built large-scale carbon fiber raw material and composite material component manufacturing clusters in North and East China to produce high-standard carbon fiber products. It also focuses on market application and development, as well as the building of an international manufacturing system covering the whole value chain of carbon fiber composite materials, so as to provide total solutions from design, R&D to manufacturing for high-end equipment, such as automobiles, civil aviation, wind power and pressure vessels.

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